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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on both businesses and people. People have been working from home and social distancing and have turned to the Internet both for work and for keeping in touch with family and friends. Social media has been a lifeline for many people, enabling them to stay connected and up-to-date.

The same goes for businesses. Many have turned to social media to keep customers informed and engaged during the pandemic. Even for those businesses that have had to temporarily shut down due to the pandemic, continuing to make social media posts is an investment in their customers for when the economy is fully open once more and everything starts to get back to normal.

But what kinds of social media posts are best to reach customers during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Charity Promotions

Charity Promotions

If your business donating or helping a charity in any way, post about it! With so many people out of work or struggling financially during the pandemic, your customers will like to see that your company is doing something to help give back to the community and help others out. Posting about your charitable endeavors will, of course, make your company look good to your customers, but it can also have the added benefit of encouraging your customers to donate themselves.

Your Company’s Story

Customers want to see who’s behind the business and get to know the people involved. You can show a more human side of your company by highlighting the story behind your business. This can include showcasing employees or yourself, sharing COVID-19 struggles, or even how your business is taking care of its employees and customers during this time.

Educational Content

While your customers are stuck at home, they’re having to keep themselves busy and, in some cases, do more for themselves than they would normally. Providing tutorials and tips that can help your customers out can not only help make their lives easier during the pandemic but also keep them engaged and coming back for more of your content. Making instructional videos is an especially good way to reach customers. More people watch videos than read posts.

COVID-19 Posts

While the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing, posts related to COVID-19 are going to be trending more than other topics. People are looking for news about the virus and want to know what their favorite businesses are doing to help others during this time. If you have educational posts you can make instructing your audience on how to do something that can make their lives easier during the pandemic, that’s another great way to keep your audience engaged.

It’s important to avoid appearing to sell to your audience, however. They may view this as opportunistic and it won’t be good for your company’s image. It’s best to frame COVID-19 posts in light of what your company is doing to support people, whether that’s the community, those in need, your own employees, or your customers. People want to see how you’re trying to help.