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Starting Out (Annual)


1 post per week

Content fully customized (modeled after examples you provide, if desired)

This plan is best for startups or new entrepreneurs. It also works well for channels that don’t get much engagement, as posting frequently with low engagement could further suppress your company’s posts in some platform algorithms.



Post types include things like:

  • Educational posts, to arm your audience with knowledge during their buyer’s journey
  • Proprietary posts, such as content from your own blog or your own infographic
  • Fun posts, such as any photos from a company picnic or holiday party
  • Stories included where applicable

Posts will be the same topic across all channels, but edited to suit the needs of each channel (such as character count and image sizing)

We will never share your competitors’ content (as defined on the list you provide)

No contracts, cancel anytime (with 30 days’ notice)