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Social media posting made easy. Just what you need as a busy entrepreneur.

Don’t waste money trying to keep your social channels updated.

Your marketing budget is better spent where it can provide direct ROI. But you know your business is supposed to be “on social.”

You don’t have time to do it yourself. And you realllllly don’t want to.

What you do need is something reliable and cost-effective so you can protect your brand and give your business legitimacy.

Get the ease and flexibility you deserve. No contracts, no fuss. Now starting at $125/month.

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We like to think of social channels in terms of their “health.” Posting more frequently isn’t always better for your channel’s health. Before deciding on a plan, take time to examine what your current levels of social engagement are and where you would like them to be.

Starting Out

  • $125
  • per month, when you pay annually
  • ($300 in annual savings!)
  • 1 post per week on 5 platforms

This plan is best for startups or new entrepreneurs. It also works well for channels that don’t get much engagement, as posting frequently with low engagement could further suppress your company’s posts in some platform algorithms.

Forging Ahead

  • $215
  • per month, when you pay annually
  • ($408 in annual savings!)
  • 3 posts per week on 5 platforms

This plan is great for small business owners with some local engagement. It also provides a great opportunity to share more personalized posts if your business is creating regular content, such as blogs, YouTube videos, conferences, or photos featuring progress of on-site work.

Taking Charge

  • $320
  • per month, when you pay annually
  • ($468 in annual savings!)
  • 5 posts per week on 5 platforms

This plan is designed for companies that are also running ad campaigns and want to aggressively grow their social channels. It’s ideal as a supplement to your larger engagement strategy and isn’t meant to stand alone, as that could turn counterproductive with certain algorithms.

Option to provide examples of preferred post styles, branding, or competitors to look out for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What social platforms do you support?
What payment do you accept?
What is your cancellation policy?
We pride ourselves on being fuss-free. Just cancel 1 week before your next billing date, so our team members have time to process your cancellation.

What Others Are Saying

“I’ve been working with Social Flex for a few years now. Amanda and her team are great. They handle all my social media posts for West Palm Jets. I’m in a highly competitive industry and a small company, but online I look like a large corporation. Social Flex is essential to building a brand in today’s social media environment.”

Yuri Gonzalez

West Palm Jets

“Social Flex helped my agency when we needed it most. Overwhelmed with other online marketing campaigns, I wasn’t able to put the focus and time into posting regularly for my clients on social media. It felt like I needed someone I could trust to hand this off to. I needed a team that could post content that my clients (and their customers) would love, and that could manage the entire process with little or no input from me. I needed a more automated solution–but I was worried I didn’t have the budget. That’s where I was saved by Social Flex. Social Flex was so affordable that I just had to trial them with one of my important clients. Before the first month was over, I was already signing up more of my clients for Social Flex. It’s that good. If you’re like me and you are feeling a bit spread thin, you are going to be relieved by the peace of mind that Social Flex gives you.”

Justin M. Collier

Alchemy Marketing

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