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For fast phase no-time-to-cook people, takeout food is the easiest solution. Ordering should be easy and simple but somehow it’s quite hard. How? First, it’s hard to decide what to eat and then how the food and how fast the food delivery is mind-boggling.  

Facebook is officially launching the ability to order food for pick-up or delivery. Just to figure out what to eat by reading about nearby restaurants, and seeing what their friends say about them, people already go to Facebook. The Facebook goal is to make ordering easier.

Order Food
From a number of food ordering services like Slice, Olo, Eatstreet and, and restaurants like TGI Friday’s, Denny’s, Chipotle, Five Guys and Papa John’s, Facebook combines options so you don’t have to search through multiple places to find what you’re looking for. Facebook connects you with old favorites and new discoveries in just a few taps from local spots to national chains. Before you order your food, you can even check out what your friends say about a restaurant.

By visiting the Order Food section in the Explore menu, you can browse and access to restaurants nearby. On this page, when you’ve found what you’re looking for, you can browse food options and select Start Order. You can select which service you’d like to use if the restaurant you want to order from offers takeout or delivery with multiple services.

If you have an account with, you can simply order with your existing login. You can quickly and easily sign up, without leaving the Facebook app if you don’t have an account with that service.

Facebook had been testing this since last year and been rolling out everywhere in the US on iOS, Android, and desktop.

Using Facebook, people can now browse restaurants near them with partnership services like Slice, Olo, Eatstreet, and and directly from restaurants including TGI Friday’s, Denny’s, Chipotle, Five Guys and Papa John’s.